Gábor Soós

Principal/Lead Engineer

Hi, I'm Gábor Soós, a professional software engineer, with extensive experience as a leader. It help making people's lives easier through quality software.

Back in 2011 I was lucky to join the software company named Emarsys Technologies, because during those years I've spent there I could learn, teach and lead how to develop quality software in a great team. I could experience how to develop in an agile way, especially in extreme programming, where people have strong ownership, responsibility and communication during the development process.

What does quality software means for me? Working, readable, tested and maintainable software. These words sound simple, but take a lot of effort to maintain over time.

Why start another blog or a course? One of the biggest challenges of learning backend and frontend development with Javascript is the tremendous amount of outdated and inconsistent content. You can spend countless hours on these books, videos and blog posts and still not get to a point to create well architected, maintainable and deployable software.